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Funeral Negotiators  281-357-0195

We are independent advisors who give fee based, guaranteed advice.  We save families thousands and help them avoid terrible mistakes.


We are not funeral directors. No  funeral service/merchandise sales.


Our initial consultation is free so we can determine if we can help your family.  If we can't help you, at least you will know you made the best choices for your family.


We do not charge a fee unless we are certain we can help your family save a minimum of 5 or 10 times our fee depending upon which plan you select. 


Our advice is not free. We spend countless hours doing research and making sure consultants are trained and proficient. We are the best at what we do. We guarantee results.

Three Programs Available: 

Families want information on their terms and when they want it. No sales!Funeral Negotiators offers three approaches to saving you an incredible amount of time and money while avoiding heartbreaking lifetime mistakes.


Plan 1.  15 % of Savings Plan (pre-death)  $375 Down with $2,500 Savings Guarantee plus 15 % of savings over $2,500.  


Plan 2. 20 % of Savings Plan (Imminent or at time of death 24/7)

$500 Down with $2,500 Savings Guarantee plus 20 % of savings over $2,500. This is crisis consulting available 24 hours per day 7 days per week.  


With Plan 2, you get immediate help, even at 2:00 AM. You avoid crisis mistakes. We slow you down so you can think and avoid entrapment. We talk you through all your options and position your family favorably because many families change their minds the next day after they have had some rest. Even in the middle of the night, we email you computerized funeral home and cemetery price comparisons and maps of your area.  We give you excellent quality guidance. We also know who is naughty and nice.  We insure that you keep control, even the next day.


With plan one, we help you during normal business hours. Priority goes to families who need immediate help. Plan 2 families are generally under extreme duress. These are very stressful situations and demand our utmost attention.


Plan 3.  American Family Protection Plan (10% of savings for Life)

This is a membership plan available for the entire family for life. You pay 10 percent of savings for life whenever anyone in your family needs help.  This program enables us to do advance research and train consultants so we can meet increased demand for our helpful service in the future. It is a wonderful opportunity for your entire family. You will never be vulnerable to the funeral industry when you have this membership.  To sign up for the American Family Protection Plan go to or call  281-357-0195.



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