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She just lost a loved one.


Who will protect her now?


Let Funeral Negotiators deal with the funeral home and cemetery.


You Focus on Family.



For Immediate Help:


"I am afraid it is too late! They already picked up our loved one's body.  We already gave them permission to embalm." 

Click on Rescues are Our Specialty below:


"We already have a pre-paid funeral plan. Why should I call you to check it out?"

You could put several thousands of dollars back in your family's pocket. If you still are not convinced, keep our information handy for when your loved one passes away. Often, other charges, that they never volunteered will be sprung on your family.  Then you will be very glad you kept our number.  You will save more money if you make corrections before death actually occurs.


Remember: We don't sell anything. We only make money if we save you money. If you are ok not knowing if you have over-spent by thousands and how to correct it, then don't call us.

I want to be Certain.

Is the funeral home treating families in my church fairly? 

How can I be sure? Anything  I can do out it?


Regardless of the funeral home and cemetery the family is considering, I recommend our families call Funeral Negotiators to review the arrangements

before they commit to a funeral home / cemetery.

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