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Outrageous sales tactics and price gouging are common to the funeral industry. 

When 911 becomes a tragedy, Funeral Negotiators is your educator and coach in this manipulative game over your wallet. Our fee is simple and on the honor system.  There is no contract with us.  After our advice saves you money, we simply ask you for 20% of that savings.  If you are calling before death, our fee is reduced to 15% of that savings.  If we save you more than $5,000, we have a 10 % savings rate with the American Family Protection Plan.  No Savings = No Fee. 


Decisions made in the first few minutes after a death occurs, can cost a family thousands, and often tens of thousands, more than they would normally spend. Statements made to authorities and funeral providers can easily set a family on a path which leads to manipulation, price gouging, and mistakes the family may regret for generations.


Over the telephone, we talk you through all your funeral options whether you desire burial or cremation.  Then we help you select the appropriate providers. Then we negotiate the price.  We take no kick-backs from providers. The only fee we receive is our consulting fee based upon the money you actually save.  We have no conflicts of interest. 


Whether you are in the mist of a crisis or just pre-planning, before you make a commitment or sign a contract, run it by Funeral Negotiators, first. Otherwise you are creating a  recipe for heartbreak, embarrassment, financial devastation, and extreme family conflict. "I can't believe we spent that much money! I should have called Funeral Negotiators."


Funeral Negotiators provides independent advice and planning.  You keep control. You decide from a position of knowledge and strength.  You will be very pleased and confident with our advice, whether you are calling us for the first time when a death has already occurred or you are planning yours or a loved one's funeral before death has occurred.

Not funeral directors. We do not sell funeral merchandise/services. When we save you money, we ask you for a percentage of what we saved your family. We prove it to you.


She just lost a loved one. Who will protect her now?


Let Funeral Negotiators deal with the funeral home and cemetery.       You focus on family.


For Immediate Help:


"I am afraid it is too late! They already picked up our loved one's body.  We already gave them permission to embalm." 

Click on Rescues are Our Specialty below:


"We already have a pre-paid funeral plan. Why should I call you to check it out?"

You could put several thousands of dollars back in your family's pocket. If you still are not convinced, keep our information handy for when your loved one passes away. Often, other charges, that they never volunteered will be sprung on your family.  Then you will be very glad you kept our number.  You will save more money if you make corrections before death actually occurs.

I want to be Certain.

Is the funeral home treating families in my church fairly? 

How can I be sure? Anything  I can do out it?


Regardless of the funeral home and cemetery the family is considering, I recommend our families call Funeral Negotiators to review the arrangements

before they commit to a funeral home / cemetery.

Lambert, Ken Funeral Consultant BBB Business Review
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