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Ken Lambert is a former Air Force pilot, squadron commander, and mortuary officer. In 1994, Ken's first client saved over $9,900 on the cost of her husband's funeral. He got a nicer funeral and merchandise.   



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For over 25 years, we have helped families in crisis, as their advocate.

"Families need an educator and coach on their side in this very difficult game. No matter how nice they appear, when you are dealing with a funeral home and cemetery, it is like dealing with a car dealership. If you want to make a car salesman blush, accuse him of using funeral home sales tactics."


"Manipulation, emotional sales tactics, flawed analogies, and failing to volunteer all a family's options -- these are just some of the tactics."


"Even if someone has already pre-paid for their funeral services, pressure to purchase more expensive merchandise at the time of death is common.  Many think their family member purchased everything, only to find out at the time of death, thousands of dollars in additional items are required, but were never volunteered at the time of purchase."


"Purchasing a funeral or cemetery property without a coach on your side is like going to court without an attorney."

Long time member of the Houston Better Business Bureau A+ Rating. 

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