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Funeral Negotiators  281-357-0195

Nothing is more important than making sure you, and your loved ones, will spend Eternity in Heaven. There are not many ways to Heaven. There is only One Way, through Jesus Christ.

Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Me."


What part of "No One" do you not understand?


After reading our material, you will never be able to claim that you were never told. This could be your, or your loved one's, last opportunity before The Judgment.

Our Consultants have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


When given the chance, we will discuss what that means and how you can have the same relationship with God's Son.


If you adamantly tell us you do not want to hear about a personal relationahip with Jesus, we will respect your wishes. However, please keep in mind that our frame of reference is Christian, when talking about funerals, death, and dying.


My loved one does not have a relationship with Jesus.  Please talk with him.  Maybe if he hears it from someone else, he will respond.

To schedule someone to talk with your loved one about Jesus and spending Eternity in Heaven,


Call 281-357-0195

Many of you may be calling us after your loved one has passed away without a relationship with Jesus. Without Jesus Christ, your loved one is indeed, lost forever.


We will risk offending you.  Even though we cannot change what has happened, we do not want the rest of your family to spend Eternity apart from God.


Please do not let this happen to the rest of your family.




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