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Funeral Negotiators  281-357-0195

Savings was incredible!  But what we really appreciated was the precious time we saved. That one hour on the phone -- priceless.



We are so glad we called!  We were trapped. The funeral home already had Dad's body. Embalming was already done. The price seemed outrageous. We were told it was too late to switch funeral homes.

    We called Funeral Negotiators. They found us a much better deal at a nicer funeral home. We also found a great deal on cemetery property. We saved over $20,000 compared to what we were going to spend.

West Houston Family

My cousin was complimenting us on how wonderful the funeral was. I asked if he wanted Funeral Negotiators' information. He said, "No thanks. We have a wonderful funeral home in our town. They really have been good to our community." When I stated how much we paid, including the FN fee, he said, "Say that again?"  I repeated it and he said, "That is less than half what we have been paying!"  Then he asked to have a package sent to him and his pastor. "They won't believe this!"

Rural Community Houston


No one volunteered our VA Cemetery Benefits until we talked with Funeral Negotiators. We learned all our options and got a superb funeral at less than half the original quoted price.


My parents had already pre-paid for their funerals. But at the time of his death, there was over $3,000 in other expenses that were not covered. They told us we should have known and were previously told about these expected charges. We were not told. They sprung it on us. We were furious, but trapped.

   Luckily a friend suggested we call Funeral Negtotiators. We got another funeral home to accept the contract at half the price. We did all services at our church.  With the money we saved by switching, we paid the extra $3,000 in expenses and also recieved another $4,000 back from the policy. That was a

$7,000 savings. We got a nicer funeral. We are very grateful.

North Houston Community 

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