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Our Initial Telephone Consultation is Free




When you need immediate help our initial telephone consultation is free:  Our fee is 20 % of what your family saves after you save the money. If there is no savings, there is no fee.   Once we determine we can help you from the initial free consultation, we will ask for a $500 commitment.   You are guaranteed to save at least  $2,500 (5 times our fee). If we save you more than $2,500, our initial fee plus 20 % of savings over $2,500 will be due when you pay the recommended funeral provider before the ceremony is scheduled.  Our clients have never lost money. Our fee can also be placed on a life insurance assignment.


If immediate help is not needed, our initial telephone consultation is still free,  but now we have more time to respond to your family:   When time is not critical, we can help your family during our business hours.   Our fee is 15 percent of the savings you realize by utilizing our service.  If there is no savings, there is no fee. After your initial free consultation, and we determine we can help your family and guarantee your savings, we will ask you for a $375 commitment (15% of the first $2500 in savings)  with a guaranteed savings of $2,500. Our fee for the first $2500 in savings is due when you receive our spreadsheets, maps, and bar graphs and other documents by email showing you the savings.  Then, 15% of the remaining savings over $2,500 is due at the time of death when you pay the recommended funeral provider for their services. For even greater savings, click on the 10% of savings tag below with the American Family Protection Plan Life-Time Membership.



Our Clients Have Never Lost Money

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